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Neptune Marine Shipbuilding

Veerdam 1, 5308 JH

Model range

The brand Elling produces enclosed Yachts and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 3 models from 13 to 20 meters.


History of the company

The Dutch company Neptune Marine Shipbuilding was founded in 1972. It was one of the first companies in the country to start building boats from fiberglass composite. Semi-displacement Neptunus 11-24 meters long were in demand. In total about 200 such boats were built, many of which are still in operation today.

Elling's first yachts were born in 1997 and were the company's response to the demands of customers who were looking for reliable, seaworthy, comfortable yachts of relatively small sizes, which, by the way, could be made in a luxury version. Developed in collaboration with renowned designer Ken Freivokh, the Elling concept was the original expression of the idea of an all-weather marine convertible. In 1998, Neptune Marine together with Akzo Nobel developed the technology of fiberglass hull reinforcement with a cloth, which gave the hulls of boats more strength. Since the launch of Elling the company has built over 300 yachts of this brand.

In addition to yachts, Neptune Marine Shipbuilding manufactures many other marine products: technical vessels, pontoons, floating power units, etc.

Model range and production

The shipyard of the company is located in Aalst. The company's collection includes several models in the Elling E range of semi-custom displacement yachts from 45 feet in length. Each of the models is available in a number of layout variations. As the yachts can be used in a variety of climates, Elling is equipped with heating and air conditioning systems and double glazing, so that the panoramic lighting of the deckhouse does not become a weak link in the strength of its construction.

Brand Features

Elling's yachts are «built to last». The company's goal was to create a cruising boat that would be as robust as the Coast Guard's rescue boats. Elling's models have undergone various tests, including a coup d'etat over the overcast, which demonstrates the yacht's ability to self-repair.

Elling - all-weather explorers certified in category A (Ocean). In economy mode, Elling yachts can cross the ocean, maximum speed allows sailing faster than many classmates, low draft and falseness provide additional comfort when sailing on inland waters. Such versatility is not common on yachts.


Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Elling shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

Визит на верфь Elling и обзор яхт Elling E4 и Elling E6 2022 года.

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