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Italy, Rome

Via del Seminario 113, 00186

Model range

The brand CNM produces high Performance Yachts and open Yachts. There are 1 model 16 meters.


History of the company

The Italian CNM shipyard was born in 2003. The acronym CNM stands for Cantieri Navali del Mediterraneo and translates as the «Mediterranean Shipyard .

From the very beginning, the company has sought to create a «unique product in a world full of clones, and»has relied on elegance, reliability, innovation and quality service.

First of all, CNM vessels are designed to be fast, reliable and luxurious. It is this company that has extended the concept of this type of boat, like the tender, by adding gloss and functionality: CNM boats of the Tender series can be used for weekends with no problems.


It's working.

Production .

The CNM shipyard is in Rome. One of the company's features is its small production volumes - CNM produces only six to ten boats per year and can therefore pay maximum attention to each vessel. As a result, CNM manages to achieve the highest level of quality, while maintaining the craft nature of production. This approach also makes it possible to create boats that are ideally suited to the needs of specific customers.

Model range

The company specializes in cruise yachts from 13 to 33 meters. Some models are available in two versions with different layouts. For example, the Continental 50 Tender 13m was awarded in 2008 as the most «innovative yacht in the world in Cannes», while the Continental 50 was not awarded.


The company offers several layouts for each model and they can be customised in the future. Customers can order the hull in any color they wish.

However, the main feature of CNM is the client service. Every owner of a CNM yacht receives a personal manager who is ready to respond to the owner's requests around the clock and in the shortest possible time, to suggest where to stand at the berth, what yachting events to attend, as well as to solve other issues.

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