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The brand Clipper produces lobster boats and gozzo boats and semi-displacement yachts. There are 18 models currently in production ranging from 11 to 20 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Clipper and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Clipper Model Range

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History of the company

The Clipper brand has a rich and interesting history. The boats of this brand were very popular in Australia in the 70-80s. Even today, the boats built at that time are in great demand among seafarers.

When Darren Berry decided to expand his business and build boats, he did not want to create a new brand, but decided to revive the Clipper, under which yachts were no longer produced at that time. With a team of like-minded people together, Darren has done what he wanted to do and today the yard's pleasure yachts are found in many different parts of the world.

Status .

Clipper Motor Yachts continues to produce yachts for the private sector and expands its model range.

Production .

For the construction of the yachts the management of the company chose the Chinese shipyard FuHua Shipbuilding, located in Ningbo. The decision was based on the fact that the old Clipper boats» had been built «here before - there was even some equipment left in the yard and the staff had the necessary experience.

To maintain the high quality of products, the company has a large international staff of permanent residents in China. They are present at the shipyard daily and supervise every step of the work.

Range of yachts

The model range includes fiberglass semi-displacement . boats from 14 to 20 meters in length in the luxury segment, designed for long vacations and travels. The Clipper portfolio consists of three lines.

Cordova series consists of spacious models with a flybridge with panoramic interior glazing. Hudson Bay is an enclosed hardtop cruising yacht with classic lobsterboat and gozzo styling. The Explorer range, as its name suggests, is represented by expeditionary class models and trawlers.


All design work is carried out by world-class specialists. The equipment and tooling, including molds, are designed by Australian engineers, and during assembly they are strictly controlled. To additional advantages it is possible to add a guarantee on boats, which is three years. All this has made Clipper Motor Yachts one of the leaders in yacht sales in the southern hemisphere.

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