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Turkey, Antalya

A Ada 4-5-6 Parsel FreeZone, 07000

The brand AvA Yachts produces motor superyachts, steel yachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 6 models currently in production ranging from 23 to 47 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from AvA Yachts and contact us for sales and pricing information.

AvA Yachts Model Range


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History of the company

AvA Yachts was founded in 2005 in Turkish Antalya as a ship design and construction company. The founders of the shipyard were a group of Turkish marine specialists, who by that time had 15 years of experience.

Over the years, Ava Yachts has designed and engineered many luxury yachts, aluminium, steel, GRP and wooden motor and sailing boats.


It's working.

Production .

The company opened a production facility in Antalya, the center of Turkey's tourism industry. The shipyard is located on the Mediterranean coast: on the highway Antalya - Kemer, near the yacht harbor, 30 minutes drive from the international airport.

Today, AvA Yachts has more than 5,000 square meters of production space. The shipyard has no shortage of highly qualified specialists, as Antalya is also one of the largest centers of Turkish shipbuilding industry.

The company builds boats from high-strength steels, aluminium alloys, fibreglass reinforced composite (FRP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and uses American walnut and dark wood Wenge in the interior of the yachts.


AvA Yachts is currently building the motor yachts. superyachts with a flybridge 26 to 40 meters long. Although the main emphasis is on motor boats, the shipyard also builds wooden sailing yachts.

According to the company, its boats are expanding the under-represented class of vessels on the market - motor superyachts at prices cheaper than analogues from Holland and Italy.


Although AvA Yachts specializes in the construction of luxury superyachts, it also produces motorsailers - boats that can use both sails and engines equally.

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