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12 Hawthorne Rd Raymond, Maine 04071

Model range

The brand Sabre Yachts produces enclosed Yachts and lobster Boats and Gozzo Boats. There are 10 models from 12 to 23 meters in the current model range from 2 lines: Fly Bridge and Salon Express.


Company history

The future founder of Sabre Yachts could not find a perfect, in his opinion, 28-foot GRP sailboat for a long time and decided to create his own. So in 1970 a new shipyard was born, which over the next 40 years produced sailing yachts up to 45 feet. In 1989, the lineup was expanded with motor yachts. That was when the company introduced the legendary Sabreline 36 Fast Trawler. The boat took advantage of trawlers with their good seaworthiness and capacity, but what made it stand out was speed.

By 2010, Sabre Yachts had stopped producing sailing boats and completely moved into the motor sector.


It's working.


In 1995, Sabre acquired North End Composites of Rockland, a major manufacturer of marine forms and fiberglass parts. Thus, the plant in Raymond, Maine, USA, was added to the capacity of Rockland. However, in 2002 the site was redirected to develop a new brand - Back Cove Yachts. Today the total number of shipbuilders is 350.

Range of yachts

The company has focused on the popular segment and is building boats from 12 to 20 meters long with fiberglass hulls. The model range includes two lines - Salon Express and Fly Bridge. The first is a closed cruising yacht with a hardtop, and the second is a Fly Bridge.


The design of the boat is quite similar to the classic North European trawlers, which is not common» for «Americans now. At the same time the interior spaces are not very different either - there is a lot of wood in the interior and a warm color scheme. However, Sabre ships from the first Fast Trawler stand out from their brethren with their speed qualities.

The manufacturer offers a fully equipped boat, where the basic version has everything you need for a comfortable journey, including navigation systems and multimedia.


Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Sabre Yachts shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

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Интервью с финансовым директором Sabre Нэнси Басселет, которая присоединилась к компании в 1977 году.
Sabre Yachts 12.11.2019
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