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Model range

The brand Absolute Yachts produces flybridge Yachts and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 17 models from 14 to 23 meters in the current model range from 3 lines: Coupe, Flybridge and Navetta.


Company history

Absolute, the youngest yachting shipyard in the market, was founded by Sergio Maggi and Marcello Bè in 2002. The owners were no longer new to the shipbuilding industry at the time. They had a wealth of experience in yacht building, including working together under the Gobbi brand.

The company has achieved success quite quickly, with the boats of the shipyard winning annual prizes at important international exhibitions starting from 2015.

Absolute yachts attract attention not only with their design and comfort, but also with the use of modern technology. The company strives to reduce emissions into the environment, reduce fuel consumption and minimize noise pollution. When building hulls, the shipyard has chosen sandwich structures for extra strength.


The Absolute shipyard continues its work.


The company builds boats in its own 15,000 sqm factory in Podenzano. The hull moulding workshops are equipped with modern climate control systems, thanks to which it is possible to set the optimal temperature, humidity level and ensure the proper quality of the structures.

The shipyard also takes care of the environment during the assembly phase, using advanced industry technologies.

Model range

The Absolute portfolio is divided into four lines - Flybridge, Navetta, Sport Yacht and Sport Line. The first are gliding yachts with flybridge and extensive open spaces. The Navetta range includes reliable semi-displacement yachts with trawler shapes.

The Sport Yacht range consists of fast and maneuverable closed cruising boats with hardtops, while the Sport Line consists of small open type yachts.


The hulls, developed according to their own technologies, allow the boats to develop decent speeds in an economical mode. The yard also employs a unique Integrated Structural System (ISS), which simplifies interaction between the company's divisions, from development to the launch of the finished boat.

All the yachts produced are subjected to a mandatory saltwater sea trials, which not every shipbuilder with serial production can afford.

Discontinued models


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