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Zuidwesthoekweg 7 8601 HG Sneek

Model range

The brand Aira Boats produces daysailers. There are 2 models from 6 to 7 meters.


Company history

In 2015, former headmaster Jos Snijders Blok decided to establish his own small shipyard. In early 2018, the Aira Boats Shipyard was born. Jos founded the shipyard in his hometown, Sneek, in the province of Frisland in the north of Holland.

Prior to that, Yos had managed to run a dozen yachting schools and knew very well what both experienced and beginner yachtsmen needed. He conceived a sailing yacht that could replace the famous Valk by Van de Stadt Design and other boats used in most Dutch yachting schools. In 2017, in collaboration with the designer Simonis Voogd, he designed the Aira 22, which is designed to be a boat not only for schools but also for families.

The inexpensive sailboat was presented at Boot Dusseldorf 2018 and has received many positive reviews.

At the 50th Dusseldorf 2019, Aira 22 was also nominated for the European Yacht of the Year 2019 in the Special Boats category.

After the launch of the Aira 22, the shipyard has developed several other versions of the boat with different equipment and prices.


It works.

Manufacture .

The shipyard and the administrative office of Aira Boats are located in Sneek. The hulls of the boats are made of composite materials, which gives them light weight and speed. In furnish different breeds of a tree and a skin are applied.

Model range

Aira Batt produces dealers at an affordable price. The basis of the company's model range is 6.5-meter sailing boats.

The company produces boats for various purposes - training, sailing regattas and relaxation with family.

Training versions can be equipped with a rubberized nose as well as a lifting keel with a draft of 1, 15 cm or a small keel for shallow waters with a draft of 90 cm. The racing boats are delivered without an engine, but with a 25 m² genaker. Family models offer soft seats and a turntable. Cabin awning, inflatable mattress, etc. can also be ordered on request.

Also models for boat trips with friends and family offer an electric motor of 1.5 kW, which can be ready in 7 seconds.


Despite their modern and appealing design, the Aira dealers are among the cheapest boats in their category.

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