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284 rue de la Viscamine Pontcharra, 38530

The brand Lite Boat produces daysailers. There is 1 model currently in production of 6 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Lite Boat and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Lite Boat Model Range

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Company history

Mathieu Bonnier has always dreamed of a light but steady rowing boat. One that can safely sail off the coast of Corsica or Norway at speeds as fast as river racing boats. A boat that can be handled alone and can be carried on the roof of a passenger car. But he never found it, though he searched all over the world.

There were many fast racing models, but too unstable and fragile, and the existing coastal rowing boats were too heavy for Mathieu's projects. After returning from solo sailing from the South Atlantic in 2009, he thought about building a boat that would meet his requirements. In 2010 he created it and subsequently launched his own company which is currently building not only rowing boats but also sailing yachts.

In 2017, Lite Boat developed LiteXP², a yacht that combines oars with sails to be able to use the force of wind or man, depending on the weather conditions.

In 2019 LiteXP² was named European Yacht 2019 (Special Yacht category) by a committee of journalists from 12 European countries.

Manufacture .

Lite Boat's administrative office and production areas are located in Poncharra in the south-east of France. In the construction of boats the vacuum infusion method and composite materials are used, in particular the sandwich made of fiberglass and carbon fiber. There is no air in the composite sandwich and, above all, the exact amount of resin to be injected is controlled. The result is that the Lite Boat is of superior quality compared to hand built boats. All LiteBoat boats are covered by a two-year warranty.

The Lite Voat production site has been awarded CARSAT for safety at the national level.


It works.

Model range

Lite Boat builds rowing boats and dealers from 6 meters in length. Remarkably, the company's dealers are equipped with oars anyway. Lite Boat is equipped with sails of North Sails of 12 sq.m., which can be optionally complemented by a genaker of 11 sq.m.

Lite Boat dealers allow you to go out to sea for a few days - they offer a small cabin with berths for two people and a spacious space for equipment and food.


Small sailing boats LiteBoat are positioned as ideal boats for small expeditions.