Fight plagiarism! HanseYachts wins court injunction against building a copy of Fjord 42

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A German company HanseYachts . has obtained a court injunction preventing the Italian shipyard Cantiere del Pardo to build and sell Pardo 43 series boats, the design of which is very similar to its Fjord 42. The opponent plans to appeal against the court's decision and defend its right to produce and sell its model.

Just judge for yourself how similar these boats are:

Pardo 43 was the first motorboat produced by an Italian shipyard with a long history of building semi-custom sailing yachts under the brand Grand Soleil..

Cantiere del Pardo unveiled its new product at the Cannes Festival last September. It was there that German competitors noticed the significant similarity between the 13.45m and the 12.59m.

«Up until now we've taken this with a sporting interest and largely accepted it as a compliment to our innovative and outstanding design. But a copy of the entire boat - we cannot allow that»," commented Jens Gerhardt, CEO of HanseYachts AG.

The German shipbuilder filed a lawsuit in Genoa and won.

Cantiere del Pardo has responded calmly to this situation and has indicated that it intends to appeal the decision of the court within the next month .
«You could say that all SUVs as such are the same," began with a joke Cantiere del Pardo general manager Fabio Planamente, "but it is obvious to everyone that this is not the case. We bought the project from a naval architect. The Pardo 43 is not to be confused with other hulls and those who buy one are unlikely to buy a "copy". Our boat is liked by the buyers - we expected to sell 7-8 copies, but instead we have bought 30 from us, of which only 8 in Italy».

Besides the Pardo 43, the yard, which has a reputation in the world of sailing like Ferrari has in the world of cars, has two more similar motoryacht projects - Pardo 36 and Pardo 50. Over the past 4 years, the company has increased its workforce from 35 to 80 and expects to go beyond expectations this fiscal year thanks to the development of a new direction for itself, «» .

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