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The brand Itama produces minimalist yachts and open yachts. There are 3 models currently in production ranging from 13 to 24 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Itama and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Itama Model Range

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Company history

In 1969 designer Mario Amati realized an idea he had been carrying for years. He dreamed of creating a new generation of motor yachts that would not go out of fashion and would have their own unique style. In it the creator wanted to reflect his main value - freedom, which in his opinion, can only be felt in an open yacht. This is how the manufacturer of open motor yachts Itama came into being. The name of the founder, written on the contrary, became the name.

Status .

The shipyard works and in 2004 she joined the Ferretti Group. It is an international company that started with the sale of automobiles and from the 70s switched to the yachting business. The brands have strengthened each other: Itama has shared the benefits of its reputation and Ferretti has incorporated strong marketing and sales experience.


It is in the Feretti Group's shipyards that most of Itama's yachts are built. The production is located in Forli, Emilia-Romagna region (in the north of Italy), the main material is fiberglass composite.

Model range

«Freedom is an open yacht. It is the taste of wind and the color of the sea, the pleasure of comfort and strength».

That's how the crew explains their choice of open yachts. They are built for a variety of purposes, from boat trips to professional competitions.

Itama's yachts are distinguished by their smooth shapes, deep V hull, powerful engines, «sporty elegance» of lines and thoughtful interiors.


The company still pays special attention to design - appearance, forms, ergonomics. The developments of recent years are the result of the joint work of the yacht designer Marco Casali, the Ferretti Group Style Development Centre, the company's strategic committee and the research department of Centro Stile.

The team is committed to innovation while preserving the traditions of the brand. Thanks to the partners, all the processes at Itama's shipyard are built, from the idea of the project to the maintenance of the sold yachts.


Browse video tours of the shipbuilding area and facilities at the Itama shipyard including open house day reports, dealer meeting reviews and behind the scene highlights of what makes Itama unique.

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