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The brand Babro produces displacement yachts. There are 2 models currently in production ranging from 11 to 12 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Babro and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Babro Model Range

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The Dutch company Babro Yachting has been building steel motor yachts for over a quarter of a century. It is based in the province of Frisland in the seaside town of Sneek, from which, by the way, the famous Dutch pirate and navigator Pierre Donna comes. The head of the company is Harm van der Wal, who has held this position since 1997. During its existence, the shipyard has developed its own approach to the design, construction and kitting of ships.


Babro's entire production facility is located in the Netherlands and is serviced by qualified local personnel.

Model range

At present the Babro Yachting product range is represented by displacement yachts from 11 to 17.5 meters. Half of them are classic motor yachts bearing the distinctive imprint of the Dutch shipbuilding school. These include the Babro Classic and the Babro Beluga. The second half of the line includes models of modern design in a more dynamic style.


In addition to healthy conservatism and the priority of reliability of technical solutions over momentary fashion, the Babro Yachting concept has another highlight «that is important to the customer. This is a special attitude towards yacht equipment, which the manufacturer himself calls all-inclusive«.

«All have an option, we have a standard,"»says Babro.

The shipyard's management particularly points out that many competitors advertise naked «boats» at attractive prices, the final completion of which is not cheap. Unlike them, Barbo sets up their boats with everything necessary to go out to sea and immediately calls the real price.

At the same time the company does not refuse to work with individual projects, meeting special wishes of customers. For example, the company's portfolio includes a boat adapted to the needs of a disabled owner in a wheelchair. A special lift, ramps and handrails make moving around the boat easy and comfortable. There is also a yacht with an open-air Jacuzzi built into the forward section of the deck.