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Brandsma Jachten B.V.

Eeltjebaasweg 6-8, Sneek, 8606 KA

The brand Brandsma produces displacement yachts and steel yachts. There are 24 models currently in production ranging from 9 to 15 meters. The current model range includes 4 lines: Federick, Luna, Noordzeekotter and Vlet. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Brandsma and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Brandsma Model Range

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The history of the company

The history of the Brandsma brand began in 1989. The founder of the brand, George Brandsma, was engaged in yacht chartering since 1983, but in the late eighties he created his own boat - Norwegian Agder 840. This yacht is still popular due to its non-standard, wide hull.

A year later the company was joined by Dirk ten Cate, who previously worked with Abma's Jachtwerf and Aquanaut Yachting yards. In the mid-nineties, George founded a yacht club in Sneek Bay and built a shipyard there.

Under the management of Brandsm and four tennes Kate, who took over the management of the brand in 1999, the company grew and became famous among the manufacturers of sports boats. All the management staff of the company are happy to sail by themselves and therefore know what their customers need.


Brandsma Shipyard with an area of more than 25,000 square meters is located near the Dutch town of Sneek. Since the shipyard is a part of the Yacht Club, it provides service and winter storage for yachts: up to 300 yachts can be accommodated on the shore and under the roof with a draft not exceeding 2 m. The yacht club's guests can enjoy drinking water, gas stations, showers, Wi-Fi and other civilization benefits.

Model range

During its history Brandsma has managed to release several lines of ships - the most famous are Luna, Noordzeekotter and Vlet. The company's catalogue includes displacement yachts, motor yachts with steel hull, and hardcore boats. vintage steamships of the Frederick series. The yachts vary in size from 8 to 14 meters.

Features .

Hulls are made of either steel or polyester fibre. The Brandsma yachts are distinguished by their recognizable design, quality components and very detailed approach to business. The Brandsma boats are characterised by their low draft (max. 1.1 m) and corporate profile.