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Germany, Bremen

Drettmann Yachts GmbH

Arberger Hafendamm 22

The brand Elegance produced flybridge yachts, motor superyachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.



Company history

The German brand Elegance entered the market in 1993 and belonged to the brokerage giant Drettman Yachts. The expansion of the business was caused by the change of generations in the management of the company. At this time, the son of Drettman Yachts founder Albert Drettmann and his wife Claudia took over the management. They didn't just want «to sell, but to create.

In addition to Elegance, the company launched the Bandido expedition vessel brand, which made Drettman Yachts famous in the shipbuilding market.

Status .

The production of Elegance-branded boats lasted more than 15 years, but production was stopped for 2019.


Drettman Yachts did not start its own production for boat construction. The company signed a contract with the Taiwanese shipyards Horizon and Jade, already known for their high build quality. More than 300 models were created and dispersed around the world.

Model range

The Elegance portfolio, following the name, is represented by stylish boats with bright designs, shaped superstructure windows and panoramic glazing. The yachts have an aggressive appearance and luxurious interiors.

The range includes fiberglass flybridge boats and Raised Pilothouse models from 16 to 30 meters in length. There are also semi-custom superyachts.

Features .

Elegance boats were sharpened to speed: they could reach 30 knots with their size and flybridge. The brand's models were valued for their value for money, reliability and safety. At the same time, they came out cheaper than analogues built in Europe.

Another key to success was the already prepared base for the implementation of Drettman Yachts and understanding what the client wants.

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