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Model range

The brand Aquanaut produces displacement Yachts and steel Yachts. There are 44 models from 10 to 20 meters.


Company history

Aquanaut Yachting Holland, founded by the Bakker brothers, has been producing high quality steel yachts for over half a century. It is located in the town of Sneek in northern Holland, on the land of the friezes - legendary shipbuilders and sailors. The company has over 1300 yachts already launched. At the first stages of Aquanaut's design, specialists from the now popular design bureau Vripack took part in the development of the yacht. The yachts of the shipyard are especially in demand in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Today Aquanaut is also an importer of Finnish composite boats Aquador, Flipper and Bella to the home market and has its own charter fleet of 15 yachts.


At the modern 35000 sq.m. yard, 35 specialists manually produce custom yachts, and the production cycle is complete, which contributes to the tightest possible interaction between the customer and the manufacturer, as well as to the implementation of strict quality control. Every year from 30 to 50 hulls come off the shipyard's s slipways.

According to its production strategy, the company is conveniently located somewhere in the middle between large series production and small family firms, focused on the customer. And there is no shortage of demand: queues for the construction of yachts of one and a half to two years is a common situation.

Model range

The company produces displacement steel yachts with a well recognizable, timeless trawler appearance that clearly indicates their purpose and characteristics. Spacious, reliable and comfortable models with lengths from 10 to 19 meters are grouped by the manufacturer into 6 lines. The Majestic series stands out for its design component, with its well-known unity of appearance with other Aquanaut models. The Global Voyager range of expedition yachts is seaworthiness class «A» and is designed for transoceanic crossings, among other things. The shipyard also produces custom custom commercial vessels.


Many Aquanaut models bribe with a «price-performance»ratio, and this is achieved by fully manual assembly, steel hull and high production standards. By the way, the company was the first in Holland to receive the European ISO 9001 certificate, which prescribes the strictest quality control system.

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