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US, Nashville

Chaparral Boats, Inc.

300 Industrial Park Blvd Nashville, 31639

Model range

The brand Chaparral produces bowriders and outboard Boats. There are 20 models from 6 to 11 meters in the current model range from 5 lines: OSX, SSX, SSi, SSi OB and Surf.


The history of the company

In 1965, Buck Pegg organized a small boat company - Fiberglass Fabricators. The first three fiberglass boats built by the entrepreneur were sold out immediately.

The price of the five-meter boat was only $675. For comparison: the cost of the new middle class car at that time started from $1500.

Buck realized from his own experience that fibreglass is the future of shipbuilding and will eventually replace traditional wood and aluminium. But business did not always go smoothly, only two years after the opening, the shipyard was completely burned down and the entrepreneur had to start from scratch.

The company continuously improved its most successful boats, expanded its model range and by 1976 moved to large areas in Nashville. In the same year, the company changed its non-cash name from Fiberglass Fabricators to Chaparral.

In 1977, Jim Lane joined the crew and took over all organizational matters related to advertising, sales and customer interaction, while Buck Pegg focused on construction. In tandem they managed to achieve considerable successes.

Status .

Since 2000, Chaparral is owned by Marine Products Corporation, which also owns Robalo Boats. Today, the shipyard continues to operate and supplies its products worldwide. In 2017, the shipyard was ranked number one in sales of boats with Sterndrive engines in the United States. Chaparral boats have been named «Boat of the Year»nine times and have received 29 awards from the American Consumer Society and many other prizes.

Production .

For over 40 years, the shipyard has been located in Nashville on an area of over 92,000 sqm. The shipyard employs around 800 people. Some employees work for Chaparral in the second and third generation.

Model range

The company produces boats for recreation in typical American style - contrasting tones, aggressive lines. For 2019 the model range includes seven lines. The largest models are presented in Signature line - comfortable cabins cruise boats for a quiet weekend.

For those who love water skiing and wakeboarding, Chaparral offers several lines of sports towboats, and for those who also like to sit with a fishing rod, there are combined Fish & Ski boats.

Most boats consist of bowriders and Deck Boats. According to the type of drive the manufacturer has worked for glory: there are water-jet boats, outboard models and boats with a column.


Chaparral builds really high quality boats - there are more than 250,000 boats in the world, among which we can find even the models from the first series. The shipyard offers a limited lifetime warranty on hulls as proof of its reliability. Other parts and assemblies are covered by a warranty of up to five years.

Discontinued models

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