From Moscow to Madagascar on a rubber boat

From Moscow to Madagascar on a rubber boat

Two amateur athletes traveling from Moscow to Madagascar on an inflatable boat. Many consider this idea not without reason murderous, nevertheless, the extremists managed to reach Turkey in 11 days.
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Two marketers from Moscow Alexander Panov and Artem Kirakozov went to Madagascar on a 6-meter rubber inflatable boat «Ognegon» with an outboard Yamaha engine for 60 horsepower.

Although in social networks many doubted that the guys will do something, extremists were able to pass the Azov and Black seas in 11 days and find themselves in Turkey.

Alexander Panov and Artem Kirakozov went on a risky journey on April 9 from the pier near Moscow City. From the Moscow River on a forklift to Oka and then to Don. In the Old Kalitva, the boat was torn apart by a pontoon bridge.

For repair had to evacuate to Rostov, where the boat put a patch. April 13 travelers went out to the Sea of Azov and immediately faced with another problem (or rather, with two): lowered the board - not the one that was repaired, and the other - and stopped starting the engine. It turned out that the fuse and the whole electrician of the boat had burned down.

The guys managed to reactivate the engine, but they had no electricity - which means they had no lanterns, no radio or charger. It was customary to stay in Eisk for repairs. In the port of Yeisk, the extremists were detained by border guards, who issued them a fine of 500 rubles for not reporting their approach by radio, and several more fines for minor violations - only 1000 rubles.

The repaired electronics burned down again in the first storm, however, on April 18 the travelers passed the Kerch Strait and went out into the Black Sea.

Before Yalta walked at night, like a ghost ship without lights and radio exchange, violating border regulations. Customs clearance the guys planned to pass in Sevastopol.

«It turned out that the inspector had to wait 24 hours. The fragile calm that settled down at sea, of course, was not going to wait for any inspector. And on our mattress, you can only cross the sea in silence. If it's on the waves, it takes five days to sail. Realizing that we had to go either now or never, we poured full and even a little more fuel cans and went straight to the Turkish shore».

They walked 300 km on the Black Sea, having overcome this distance in 11 hours. On April 20 they crossed the Black Sea and found themselves in Turkey.

On 20 April we crossed the Black Sea and found ourselves in Turkey. In the coastal village they changed the engine fuel filter and went to Istanbul, but on the way the Russians were met by the coast guard and brought to the port of Zonguldak.

«Check by the maritime police, then by the border guard - and we are told to roll on all 4 sides, and forbidden to go ashore until you get a customs stamp, which can be obtained either in the next port or in Istanbul».

Because of the 4-meter waves, «Ognegon» could not go out to sea immediately. Turkish border guards refused to grant asylum to the Russians, appealing to the interstate conflict. Then the travelers hid the boat on the shore among fishing boats and went to the nearest hotel for the night.

The next day, the guys managed to reach Istanbul. We should continue!

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