A budget waster. Why isn't anyone buying a Habkryan government yacht

A budget waster. Why isn't anyone buying a Habkryan government yacht

We asked brokers why the Khabarovsk Krai government has not been able to get rid of a yacht that costs ₽600 thousand annually for six months.
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Already the second auction for the sale of a yacht Victoria «»worth almost one million dollars, owned by the government of the Khabarovsk region, ended up with nothing. Although several potential buyers had previously expressed interest in the boat, none of them had applied for the auction before the deadline of May 14, which was due to take place on May 20. The auction was supposed to be held to increase the price with a step of 1.2 million rubles. As before in February, the government is forced to extend the auction for another 25 days.

According to Alexander Ostanin, Director of the Regional «Property Complex engaged»in the sale of the vessel, the initial cost of the 21-meter boat at the auction is based on an independent report of appraisers and is correlated with the cost of similar vessels in Russia.

However, professional brokers do not share the seller's position.

According to Daniil Slugevich, Commercial Director of BOUTIQUE.YACHTS, problems with trading signal that Victoria is overpriced«.

«Everything is for sale! If it has not been sold yet, it means that it is too expensive in relation to the real value of the object of sale, - he»commented on the situation itBoat.

In 2005, when the yacht was bought, the average dollar rate was 28 rubles. It is reported that a million dollars, or about 28 million rubles, were spent on the purchase, and they are selling a 14-year-old boat for 60 million 469 thousand. At today's rate, it is just about a million dollars, that is, the authorities are trying not only to return the money spent, but also to compensate for losses associated with currency fluctuations.

«In addition to differences in currency exchange rates, when setting the price tag, it must be taken into account that any yacht loses its value every year. After the first year of operation these losses are about 25-30% of the purchase amount, from the second year to the sixth - 5% per year, from the sixth to the tenth - 2% annually. Further on, the condition of the vessel already plays a role.

The price is also influenced by the reputation of the shipyard that built it. The manufacturer of "Victoria" - Taiwan shipyard Dyna Craft - a dark horse in the Russian market.

Taking all the above into account, this boat can now be positioned on the market in the range of $450-650 thousand (28.8-41.7 million rubles),»- said Daniil Slugevich, Commercial Director of Boutique .Yachts.

Dmitry Engovatov, Sales Manager at West Nautical Brokerage, agrees with his colleague:

«The boat is no longer new, manufactured in 2005 and manufactured in Taiwan. The price for this year's boat and the manufacturer is clearly overpriced. For comparison, our yacht is larger, 22,3 meters, and almost equal in price to the Victoria - Sunseeker Manhattan 2009.

Among the reasons for the failure of the «Victoria auction,» he names the lack of information important for potential buyers.

«It is not known the final price during the auction, there is no information about the maintenance of the yacht and its documents, as well as its status, namely whether the boat has any encumbrances. All these factors clearly complicate the sale», - sums up Dmitry Engovatov.

Built in Taiwan 21-meter fiberglass engine Dyna 70 Victoria «»belongs to the government of the Khabarovsk Territory since 2006. The purchase cost the regional treasury about $1m, local mass media report. Vyacheslav Shport, a Unicorn, took the chair of the regional governor from 2009 to 2018. In 2010, he met on board «Victoria» with then-President Dmitry Medvedev. In the autumn of 2018, everything changed: in the election of the region's head of Shport in the second round was ahead of the LDPR-hopper Sergei Furgal. The new governor took up the most pressing problem in Russia - corruption. In particular, he ordered to suspend government purchases related to the purchase of apartments, cars and furniture, and at the same time to sell the boat that is on the balance of the region.

The maintenance of a sea-going yacht costs 600 thousand roubles per year to the Khabarovsk Territory.

Now «Victoria is waiting» for the new owner in one of the shops of the Khabarovsk shipyard, where she was wintering. Sales announcements were sent not only to fifty yacht clubs of the Primorsky Territory, but also to the companies and governments of Kamchatka and Sakhalin, as well as placed on Avito and Drom.ru. However, if necessary, «Victoria» can be transferred not only to another region of the Far East, but also in general to any part of Russia.

The person or company, who will still decide to buy Victoria«,»will own the boat in good condition, whose two Caterpillar diesel engines with a capacity of 1 thousand hp have worked only 1 thousand motor-hours. Alexander Ostanin suggests that the yacht may be of interest to the tourism industry.

The boat can take up to 12 passengers. There are three bedrooms for guests, each of which is equipped with its own bathroom.

There is a bar in the spacious salon (maximum width of the boat reaches 5.5 meters). The deck «of Victoria» is made of teak and all interiors are finished in mahogany.

The cost of electric sockets on the governor's boat alone is estimated at tens of thousands of rubles.

There is a water desalter on board, so the boat can go on sea autonomous voyages.

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