itBoat has launched an anti-crisis section

itBoat has launched an anti-crisis section

There is a special anti-crisis section in the market with offers for sale of boats with a discount.
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During the crisis, a number of yacht owners had the need to quickly sell their asset (boat) and go into a cache that they could make a profitable investment. For buyers this is a chance to buy what they have long dreamed of at a good discount. If the boat is in excellent condition and from a reliable brand, in the future it will be possible to sell it and move to something bigger. So that buyers and sellers, who even in the conditions of the pandemic glass«is half full,»find each other, we came up with a new section Anti-crisis «offers .

Our new anti-crisis section includes both offers from banks for the sale of confiscated yachts as well as ads from owners who understand the situation in the world and are ready to give buyers a good discount. All offers have been carefully selected and checked for compliance with the conditions of accommodation:

  • discounts on new yachts of at least 10% off the price list
  • discounts on used boats of at least 15% off the market average for boats of similar category, size and year

We have set such conditions in order to guarantee our audience that their benefits are not illusory. We all hear that it is sometimes hidden behind the word «sale - the»price tag is artificially increased, and then draw a discount.

Why do sellers need to reduce prices at all?

Coronavirus, closed borders and economic crisis have frozen demand for yachts and boats. When all is settled, the demand, albeit not in full, will return. Then there will be those sellers who will make an attractive offer to potential customers before others. Clients who are serious, though postponed the decision to buy, continue to monitor the market in times of crisis and being on self isolation. It is important not only to make an offer, but also to place it in such a way that as many potential customers as possible learn about it - to create a so-called sales «funnel».

Why should we place a discounted ad with us?

All anti-crisis offers have a special red mark, and the banner section is placed on the main page of the Market itBoat.

To all sellers who are ready to give a discount on a boat or yacht, we offer an additional package of services to promote ads online.

It includes setting up and launching advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Facebook ads, placing and promoting ads on electronic boards of itBoat partner sites in Russia and abroad.

I want to place my ad in the anti-crisis section. What should I do?

If your ad is already on the site and you are ready to make it «anti-crisis», just send a link to the chat in the Market section (not visible if AdBlock is enabled) with a request to place it or write an email to [email protected] marked Anti-Crisis«in the»subject of the email.

If this is the first time you have placed your yacht for sale and you want to add it immediately to the anti-crisis offers section«», you can:

  • Place an ad yourself and then write to us to add it to the anti-crisis section.

    How to place a boat ad on

    Step 1. register on our site.
    Step 2.
    Go to the Market section and click on «Add ad button»
    Step 3.
    Fill out as much detail as possible about your yacht.
    Step 4.
    Place an ad
    Step 5.
    Send a link to the ad in the chat with a request to add it to the section«Anti-crisis proposals»or a letter to [email protected] marked Anti-crisis«.»

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