From «A» to Badis: Top 10 largest sailing ships in the world

From «A» to Badis: Top 10 largest sailing ships in the world

To climb the masts of these boats, you'll have to bring climbing equipment
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Dutch yard Royal Huisman in late September unveiled a concept for the 85-metre sloop Apex 850. If (when?) the project comes to fruition, the boat will take a place near the beginning of the list of the largest sailing yachts in the world. itBoat decided to recall which boats are currently in the top ten of this ranking.

Sailing yacht A- 142,8meters

The eight-deck steel sailing yacht giant, built by German shipyard Nobiskrug for board member «Eurochem» and SUEK Russian Andrei Melnichenko, was launched in 2017. The French studioPhilippe Starck designed the entire project, while the Dutch Dykstra Naval Architectswas responsible for the naval architecture.

The total area of the yacht's sails, which can be set or retracted at the touch of a button, is comparable to the area of a football field.

The mainsail mast is 100 metres out at sea.

A pair of 4800 HP engines is installed in the engine room. All these enable a yacht of 12,500 gross tonnage and 8m draught to reach a speed of 21 knots. Cruising speed is limited to 16 knots.

Up to 20 guests can be accommodated on board. The vessel's crew is almost 3 times greater - 54 persons.

Sea Cloud - 109 meters

A classic bark built in 1931 may seem irrelevant in this ranking. However, unlike, for example, «Sedov», built at the same shipyard «Germany» in Kiel, Sea Cloud was originally conceived as a private yacht, not a cargo or training vessel. She remains a leisure passenger sailboat today.

Sea Cloud has a top speed of just 14 knots. Not much compared to the Sailing yacht A. However, one must keep in mind that unlike the latter, Sea Cloud uses energy from 29 sails with a total area of 3000 square meters as its main and not auxiliary propulsion. Although there are a pair of diesel engines of about 2,000 hp aboard the barque as well. The height of Sea Cloud's mainsail is also noticeably lower than that of the, A - 56 metres.

But the maximum number of guests on board is much greater - up to 64 people. However, Sea Cloud can accommodate up to 64 guests.

Sea Cloud is piloted by almost three dozen sails with a crew of 60 people.

Black Pearl- 106m

Rounding out the top three largest sailboats in the world is another boat owned by a Russian - co-founder of oil and gas company Burneftegaz Oleg Burlakov. Launched in 2018, Black Pearl was not only the first sailboat built by Dutch shipyard Oceanco, but also rightfully one of the most innovative boats in the world. Not least, the yacht owes this title to her DynaRig carbon mast swivels.

Solar panels are built directly into Black Pearl's 2,900 square metre sails.

The batteries are also aided by the hydrodynamic propulsion system, which rotates while the yacht is in motion. The design is by Ken Freivokh, Nuvolari & Lenard and DykstraNaval Architects.

The vessel can accommodate up to 12 guests. The crew consists of 18 people.

Eos - 93 metres

At the time of her launch in 2006 this Lürssen was the biggest sailing yacht in the world, second only to Sea Cloud. She was designed by Langan Design and the FrançoisCatroux studio. She's high on the list thanks to her bowsprit which gives her an overall length of 10m more than her length on deck. Even without it she would still be in the top 10,though she would have missed out on the other three on the list.

The mast height of 61m was not chosen by chance.

Such parameters allow Eos to pass under any bridge she can reach thanks to her 5,6m draught.

The yacht is the property of American media mogul Barry Diller and his wife, fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg. Up to 18 guests and 22 crew members can live aboard.

Athena - 90 meters

Rounding out the top five is another Dykstra Naval Architects creation. Built by Royal Huisman, Athena was launched in 2004. She has been the flagship of the yard for all these years. The design of the project was developed by Pieter Beeldsnijder Design and RebeccaBradley Interior Design studios. The total sail area exceeds 2600 square metres.

Athena's layout accommodates 10 guests and 18 crew members.

Maltese Falcon- 88 metres

Launched in 2006 , Perini Navi was the first sailboat in the world to be rigged with DynaRig. The three straight-sail masts, with a total area of nearly 2400 square meters and controlled remotely by computer, enable the boat to reach an impressive 25 knots. In addition to Dykstra Naval Architects, Ken Freivokh Design also worked on the project.

Over a period of 14 years, the sailboat has won 18 different awards.

She accommodates 12 guests and 19 crew members.

Aquijo - 86 meters

Launched in 2016, Aquijo is the result of a collaboration between Vitters and Oceanco shipyards . The ketch was also designed by TrippDesign Naval Architects. On the one hand, this boat is as comfortable and spacious as a motor superyacht. There's even a flybridge with a control station.

On the other hand, with her 5,200 square meters of sails, she can easily reach 30 knots and faster, using only the wind.

At the same time Aquijo is not only fast but also agile.

Aquijo can accommodate 14 guests and 18 crew members on board.

Sea Eagle II at 81m

Once again the work of Dykstra Naval Architects was in the top spot.

Completed in 2020, Sea Eagle II is the second largest sailboat in Royal Huisman's fleet and the largest aluminum sailboat in the world.

The yacht's carbon rudder pen is also the largest ever created from this material. The interior and exterior design for the project was created by Mark Whitley Design.

Sea Eagle II is capable of speeds up to 21 knots. The schooner has a total sail area of 3,400 square metres. To steer the sails, 34 winches are mounted onboard. The largest are capable of bearing 18 tons of force.

The yacht is steered on the flybridge and guests can enjoy the view most conveniently from the«crow's nest», perched 60m high on one of the masts. Up to 16 persons in total can be accommodated on board. The sailboat is serviced by a crew of 14 people.

Mirabella V (M5) - 77.5 metres

Originally Mirabella V was not to be longer than 61 metres and was not expected to be among the largest sailing yachts. However, the Ron Holland Design studio was unable to fulfil the owner's wishes without making the sloop larger.

In 2004 the Vosper Thornycroft yard rolled off the slipway 16 metres longer than had been planned.

Now, until the Apex 850 or some such equivalent is built, the M5 will retain its title as the largest sloop in the world. The yacht's total sail area exceeds 3,300 square metres.

She can accommodate 16 guests and 17 crew members on board.

Enigma - 75 meters

This is another old-timer on the list of the largest sailboats. The four-masted schooner, built by DCAN shipyard craftsmen, was launched in Toulon, France, back in 1976. Today, she accommodates up to 12 guests and accommodates up to 16 crewmembers.

But half a century ago, Enigma (or more accurately, Club Méditerranée) was sailed solo across the Atlantic by French yachtsman Alain Colas.

After one single race in this unexpected format, she became a charter yacht and remains so to this day.

Over the years, her owners have sent her out for refit several times. During one of these refits she even became longer. Now under the sails Enigma can reach 18 knots.

Badis - 70 meters

If one considers that motor-sailer A or barque Sea Cloud converted into a cruise liner have no place on the list of largest sailing yachts then Badis by Perini Navi andBriand Yacht Design should take 10th place.

The World Superyacht Awards 2017 Sailboat of the Year today is reportedly owned by King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

The ketch has a total sail area of 3,000 square meters. It can accommodate 12 guests and 12 crew members.

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