A man put a boat on the rocks to save his family.

A man put a boat on the rocks to save his family.

If the boat hadn't been brought to land, it would have sank.
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One of Britain's busiest marine rescue stations since 1866, the RNLI Torbay in Devon County in south west England, shared a fresh story from her practice on Facebook.

In the afternoon of September 8, a family of six on a 7-meter former fishing boat set out to explore the aquatory near the town of Torki. At one point, people discovered that their boat was gathering water. The family was too far away to be able to get back to the marina before the boat sank.

To save himself, the head of the family sent a boat straight to the rocks east of town. This place is famous for its natural stone arch above the sea, also called «the London Bridge».

Everything happened in front of the crew of another boat. Her crew followed the boat to the rocks and helped the family get ashore, then called the rescue team and went to meet them in a nearby bay.

«We lowered the water and sent two boats to the scene. We didn't know exactly where the victims were, but we knew we had to find them quickly. When we got there, our volunteers put children on board, followed by adults. The family was worried, but still everyone was in one piece, even though their boat could not be saved. It could have been different, and this story could have easily ended sadly. I have no doubt that how quickly this man made his decision saved his family,"»says Mark Criddle of the lifeboat.

In the water around the wreckage, a fuel stain of 25×150 meters was formed. Two vessels from the port of Torquay started its liquidation on the day after the emergency. The wreckage itself will also be removed from the rocks. The boat is going to be repaired.

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