Kamchatka surfers reported pollution in the Pacific Ocean

Kamchatka surfers reported pollution in the Pacific Ocean

Water in the Khalaktyrsky beach area causes nausea and eye-bleed
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The water near Khalaktyrsky Beach, the main surfing spot half an hour from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, is not safe for human life and health, Anton Morozov, founder of Snowave surfing school, warned on his Instagram page.

After surfing on Khalaktyrsky beach people felt severe malaise for several days, writes the administrator of Snowave surfing school Katya Dyba. Among the symptoms are weakness, high fever, nausea, throat fart and partial loss of vision. Some surfers have been diagnosed with corneal burn.

The water in the ocean has changed color, turned bitter and viscous. There are lots of dead fish, crabs, sea urchins, and octopus on the shore. Far eastern seals are being thrown ashore and behaving atypically. Some of them have also died.

Water samples taken by Rosgidromet showed a 3.6 times excess of oil products and 2.5 times excess of phenols.

The source and scale of pollution has not yet been revealed. The authorities will conduct a full chemical analysis of the samples taken, the results should be ready on Monday, October 5. The Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into the pollution.

The Greenpeace satellite images illustrate that the polluted water is drained into the ocean from the Nalycheva River. Moreover, the images dated early September already show pollution of the ocean.

Surfers have initiated water sampling in the Pacific Ocean for an independent examination. The samples have already been sent to one of the Moscow laboratories.

In the meantime Governor of the Kamchatka Peninsula Vladimir Solodov appealed to residents to refrain from visiting Khalaktyrsky Beach.

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