Contenders for the title «Sailing Video of the Century»

Contenders for the title «Sailing Video of the Century»

Ten interesting Mirabaud Sailing Video Award nominees
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In addition to the sailing photos nominated for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Award, the videos nominated for the similar Mirabaud Sailing Video Award are also on view from 20 October to 12 November. This time both competitions have a slightly different concept: the best of the best are chosen from among the works that have been made not in the last year but in the entire 21st century, from 1 January 2000 to 19 October 2020 (and which have not been nominated for the corresponding prize before).The photo andvideo winners, whose authors will be named on November 23 and 24, will receive the proud title «Sailing Photo of the Century» and«Sailing Video of the Century».

The Mirabaud Sailing Video Award website has published the 40 videos shortlisted for the award. They were shot and edited by cameramen from 17 countries. Here are 10 of them whose storyline and concept were most interesting for the editors of itBoat.

«Años de saudade»- José Cigarrán

The word «saudade» from the Galician language (official language in the Spanish province of Galicia on a par with Spanish) translates as «love, passion for something». This video, is edited from footage shot in 2019-2020 during 12 very different events. In 3 minutes, the viewer sees yachting from a variety of angles, from the competition of young «Optimists» to the cohesive teamwork of the upcoming America's Cup «» from Italy Luna Rosa. It's a true declaration of love for the sport of sailing.

«Vues du large»- Martin Keruzore

Martin Keruzore's video is not only about love, but also about gratitude. «The author says a special thank you» to all the people with whom he sailed a total of nearly 70,000 nautical miles in the past 3 years, spending more than 200 days at sea. 3.5 minutes and 30 portraits of first class sailors.

«Technology and the Modern Imoca»- Marin Le Roux

The Vendée Globe round-the-world non-stop regatta for singles will start again very soon on 8 November. A large part of this year's Mirabaud Sailing Video Award nominees are dedicated to this event. Unlike most of his colleagues, Marine Le Roux has chosen to focus on the boats participating in the race and not the people. His video focuses on the IMOCA class and its evolution over the past 20 years. Narrated by French yachtsman Loïc Peyron, the penultimate winner of the Jules Verne prize for fastest circumnavigation of the globe. His record lasted from 2012 to 2017.

«Harness the Hurricane»- Sarah Broadbent

Do you know what a prohibitive strain yachtsmen sometimes need to endure? This video about focus, determination and dedication that was filmed in 2016 for the Japanese America's Cup team «» , demonstrates it clearly. Footage of Dean Barker training in the gym and the team's work aboard the Hikari is interspersed with footage of the Category 3 hurricane that hit Bermuda just as it was being filmed.

« Character»- Anton van de Koppel van de Koppel.)

This full voltage video is the trailer of a feature-length documentary about the Dutch sailors who participated in the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race around the world. The same race during which Briton John Fisher lost his life .

«Time always wins»- Artur Sikorski

Artur Sikorski, the first Pole ever to win the Rolex Middle Sea Race (with Team TP52 Anafesto in 2019), reflects on the race's complex relationship with time.

«"So, how was it?" » - Tanguy Conq

When a yachtsman sails out to sea, his family and friends are left waiting on shore. Although modern technology makes it possible to stay in touch during the race, the moment of reunion at the finish line is still full of all sorts of emotions that can't even always be expressed in words. What it's like, Tanguy Konk shows through the example of the participants in the 2019 Transat Jacques Vabre Transatlantic Race.

«151 Miglia - Home Edition 2020»- Pierpaolo Lanfrancotti

The list of contenders for the title «Sailing Video of the Century», of course, can't do without the videos dedicated to quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Three films on the subject were short-listed for the award. We have chosen the most amusing one- about how Italian sailors, who were left without 151 Miglia in Tuscany in June, coped with the isolation in Spring 2020.

«The Navigator of the Century»- Eloi Stichelbaut

This video is definitely the most unusual out of all the ones included into the prize long list. The thing is that there is no video used at all. So this is more of a presentation than a movie. The main thing here is the baize of the DongfengRace Team crew members who participated in the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race. Let's not spoilery, let's just say that sometimes the title «navigator of the century» is a very dubious compliment.

«Mysterious Metamorphoses»- Evgeniya Bakunova

At the end of the day, yachting is just really beautiful. Especially if you look at it from an unusual angle, as Evgeniya Bakunova did when she filmed one of the weekly PROyachting evening regattas in Moscow.

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