Fire Breaks Out at Damen in Antalya, Turkey

Fire Breaks Out at Damen in Antalya, Turkey

A substantial fire broke out at a Damen building hall, everyone was evacuated safely and no casualties have been reported.
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A fire engulfed a yacht shipyard in Antalya, Turkey, sending plumes of grey smoke billowing into the sky and causing parts of the building to collapse. Videos and images shared by yacht enthusiasts and residents in the area captured the harrowing scene as flames raged uncontrollably. From the very beginning it was believed that the fire took place at the Damen Yachting facility, the next day it was officially confirmed. The official statement of Damen Yachting put that a substantial fire broke out at a Damen building hall in Antalya, Turkey. All those on the site were evacuated safely and no casualties have been reported. Thanks to the efforts of the Turkish emergency services, the fire was dealt with quickly. 

According to the yacht builder, the hall suffered a large amount of damage but luckily did not contain any of the Damen Yachting projects currently in build. The projects remain unaffected. While the priorities of the company now lie in supporting and caring for the colleagues in Antalya.

The incident, reportedly caused by an undetermined reason in the afternoon of May 15th, prompted a swift response from Turkish authorities. Numerous firefighting teams rushed to Antalya. The Regional Directorate of Forestry deployed a helicopter to aid in the extinguishing efforts from the air. According to the Turkish TV channel TRT Haber, it took approximately three hours of relentless work to bring the blaze under control, while cooling operations continue at the fire site.

The fire's impact spread far beyond the shipyard, as a thick black cloud shrouded the sky, visible from various points in the city. The material damage caused by the fire is substantial, reflecting the immense challenges for firefighters.

If it is Damen Yachting Facility

The fire occurred within the Antalya Free Zone, home to several yacht builders, such as Bering Yachts, Serenity Yachts, Sarp, and more. Damen acquired the shed from Vitters, another esteemed yachting brand, in 2013 and reopened it in 2015. Over the years, the Dutch Damen Group meticulously maintained the Antalya facility, which served them as one of the production locations.

Do such fires happen often?

Shipyard fires, while infrequent, pose a significant risk due to the abundance of flammable materials, including plastics and wood, stored within these facilities. Combating such fires demands substantial resources, with numerous firefighting teams and extended time to fully extinguish the flames. The last notable incident of this nature occurred in January 2022 when a fire broke out at Ferretti Yachts.

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