Monaco Yacht Show 2023: pioneering innovations and sustainable solutions take centre stage

Monaco Yacht Show 2023: pioneering innovations and sustainable solutions take centre stage

The MYS is back with exciting innovations to redefine luxury in the yachting industry.
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The Monaco Yacht Show is back with exciting innovations to redefine luxury in the yachting industry. From the highly anticipated Yacht Design & Innovation Hub to the immersive experience and the new carbon neutrality transition plan, MYS2023 promises to showcase advanced design, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.

MYS2023 and those looking for a yacht designer

One of the highlights is the return and maturity of the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub. Located at Virage Louis Chiron within the show's Dockside area, this hub will bring together 21 esteemed designers known for shaping some of the most iconic vessels. Visitors will engage directly with brilliant minds and gain insights into current and future trends in superyacht design, innovative solutions, and sustainable projects. The Yacht Design & Innovation Hub will also host live presentations in collaboration with Superyacht Times, offering valuable industry knowledge to attendees.

This time, the Hub will be a much more immersive experience. Thanks to the partnership with Van Berge Henegouwen, there will be an exciting and interactive way to explore the latest yacht innovation and breathtaking creations by talented designers. 

MYS2023 and those searching for groundbreaking technologies

The Sustainability Hub, a dedicated exhibition area within MYS2023, will once again showcase companies specialising in environmentally friendly technologies. Located in the 200m² exhibition space of Darse Sud, this hub will serve again as an incubator for innovative and eco-friendly yachting solutions. It provides a platform for both established companies offering tried-and-true sustainable alternatives and budding start-ups with forward-thinking ideas. The selection process for the Sustainability Hub's participants is carried out in collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation, ensuring there are only eligible companies with genuine and viable sustainable solutions.

In a significant collaboration, Siemens Energy joins forces with the Monaco Yacht Show as the sponsor of the Sustainability Hub. This partnership presents an excellent opportunity for yachting industry stakeholders to engage with Siemens Energy and explore the integration of sustainable energy sources and clean fuels into propulsion and energy management. The establishment of the Sustainability Hub aligns with MYS's long-standing commitment to eco-friendly approaches, revealed in 2005. Over the years, the show has raised environmental awareness within the Monegasque and international yachting community. 

MYS2023 and the planet

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, MYS2023 presents the Carbon Neutrality Transition Plan. The show aims to minimise its environmental impact and actively involves all exhibitors and suppliers. By implementing a comprehensive three-phase transition plan, MYS plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In the meantime, the Monaco Yacht Show has set an ambitious goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% by 2025 compared to 2022.

To reinforce the commitment to sustainability, the show managers have established a Charter of Commitment that unites all local players around three main energy transition topics: mobility, waste, and energy. By recommending videoconferences instead of business trips, providing bus tickets for exhibitors, organising a free electric shuttle service between different parts of the exhibition, and implementing a more efficient waste recycling system, MYS2023 aims to set an example for sustainable practices within the yachting industry.

With the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, the Carbon Neutrality Transition Plan, and the Sustainability Hub, Monaco Yacht Show 2023 sets a new standard for sustainable practices and reinforces the industry's commitment to minimising environmental impact, ensuring a brighter future for superyacht design and beyond.

Writing by Arseniy Maximov and Alexandr Kovalenko; Editing by Anastasiia Romanova

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