Studio Indigo

Great Britain
Mike Fischer, Founder and creative director of Studio Indigo
The design of our projects wanders from water and air to land and back again. It happens that a client orders a house and then asks to design an office, a yacht, or an airplane.
Mike Fischer
Founder and creative director of Studio Indigo

Designer description Studio Indigo

Brand History

The Studio Indigo company was founded in 2005 by Mike Fisher. He graduated from Dundee University in Scotland with a degree in Architecture «and»then completed a Master's degree in Urban Design «at Oxford Brookes. When he founded the firm, Fisher was looking for versatility. He wanted the studio to be involved not only in architecture and design, but also in building maintenance. For the company office, he chose a former warehouse in London's Chelsea district overlooking the Thames.


At Studio Indigo, clients' wishes come first, not the designers' ambitions. Ideally, working with a client should be like a trip, and each project should be unique.

The company takes pride in its attention to detail, respects tradition and seeks to make the most of space and light.

Specialty .

The studio deals with the design of superyachts, aircraft, architecture and interior design, as well as construction documentation and property management.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio designed yachts for Dutch shipyards Amels, Feadship and Moonen. A number of successful projects have also appeared in tandem with the British Archipelago Yachting.

Landmark projects

Among the award-winning boats, the 70-metre Joy is the winner of The World Superyachts Awards 2017. The Brigadoon won the same award in 2019.

Also worth noting is the 90-metre Icebreaker, whose interiors are associated with a floating loft. It can be used for trips to distant parts of the world. The Amels 60 is called a new generation yacht. She is almost silent, economical in fuel consumption and the interiors were designed by the Norwegian architect Espen Øino.


Studio Indigo employs over 50 full-time professionals in architecture, interior design and property management. The office speaks English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Polish, Russian and other languages.

The head of the creative team is Mike Fisher. The studio also has an in-house mascot, Charlie the Bulldog.