Marco Arnaboldi


Designer description Marco Arnaboldi

Brand History

Founder of the design studio Marco Arnaboldi worked for such respected players of the yacht market as Fincantieri and Picchiotti before opening his own business. The master owns the authorship of many innovations, which are now actively used by shipbuilders all over the world. He was involved in the development and testing of new adhesives for composite materials, in the 80's he contributed to the introduction of waterjet engines in the private segment, etc. He has also been involved in the development and testing of new adhesives for composite materials.


Marko believes that only by constantly discovering new and perfecting existing technologies and materials can something worthwhile be created. Comfort, productivity and economy are the three main areas of development for the Arnaboldi studio.

Specialization .

The team develops architecture and design for superyachts and works on models for mass production. Not only the private market is interested in the projects, but also the military shipyards and the portfolio of industrial ships.

Cooperation with shipyards

Arnaboldi Studio designed RIBs for Novamarine, high-speed flybridge boats for Azimut, Bandido explorers, classic gozzos«for Costes»Yachting and Viareggio Super Yacht.

However, the most fruitful relations were established with AB Yachts Italian shipyard, with which the team started its work in 1992 and built more than 100 hulls. Marco Arnaboldi also holds the post of Technical Director here.

Landmark projects

The company handles all types of vessels perfectly. The team designed the Azimut 103SL and AB Yachts Elizaveta, the Bandido 90 expedition boat and other equally important boats.


Since its early days, the Arnaboldi Studio has been located in Viareggio, where Marco has a large staff under his leadership.