Remi Tessier

Remy Tessier, Interior Designer
I started working as a cabinetmaker when I was 15, I enjoyed doing things with my hands. That's how I got to know the materials, and it helps me in design.
Remy Tessier
Interior Designer

Designer description Remi Tessier

Brand History

Education is far from being the key to a successful career. This was shown by Rémi Tessier, who left home at the age of 15 to join the travelling artisans guild of Compagnons du Devoir Tour de France. Here, the young man trained as a cabinetmaker and since 1987 he has been making furniture and later switched to interior design for shops. Gradually, the designer began to receive orders for residential facilities. In 2000, the master designed his first boat for the shop. Perini Navi.


Rémi Tessier's approach to design is based on simplicity - here the function defines the shape. Each project is individually designed with an emphasis on quiet elegance. After all, luxury and sophistication must be felt rather than imposed, the studio believes. In this way, exceptional quality and touches in detail have become the foundation of Rémi's design philosophy.

Specialisation .

Rémi Studio is not only famous for its superyacht interiors, but also for its private jets, real estate and exclusive décor elements, including furniture.

Cooperation with shipyards

The designer has established cooperation with many well-known European shipyards, such as Devonport, Feadship, Perini Navi, Amels and Heesen Yachts. The studio has also worked with Turkish Su Marine, American Palmer Johnson and New Zealand's Fitzroy.

Landmark projects

In 2011 Remi completed two of the biggest projects of his career - 81-meter Air from Feadship and 96-meter Vava II. The latter is the largest private superyacht built in the UK.

Team .

The studio led by Remy, located in Paris, has become home to a small international team.