Schnaase Interior Design

Birgit Schnaase, Studio founder
Our philosophy is to translate the client's character into design.
Birgit Schnaase
Studio founder

Designer description Schnaase Interior Design

The history of the brand

Schnaase Interior Design Studio opened on September 1, 1995 in Hamburg, the German capital of creativity, aviation and maritime affairs. The name of the brand has the name of its founder - German designer Birgit Schnaase. She grew up in Birmingham, in the family of a welder and since childhood was fond of yachts. Birgit earned her first money from the exterior decoration at the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen. From the very beginning of her career, Schnaaze combined the maritime sphere with design.

Philosophy .

Schnaase Interior Design projects are born in dialogue with the client. Every customer's life experience and outlook is valued here, and this principle forms the basis for the concept of yachts, planes and villas. This approach allows the team to be in constant development and search for new solutions, something the studios are particularly proud of.

Specialty .

Schnaase Interior Design designs motor and sailing yachts, merchant yachts and yacht refitters. In addition, the company designs aircraft interiors and spaces.

Cooperation with shipyards

Schnaase Interior Design Studio has implemented several successful projects with German shipyards: Lürssen, Drettmann Yachts, Hanse Yachts.

The company has also managed to work with Dutch companies Contest Yachts, Heesen, Claasen as well as Spanish Gallart, Swedish Malö and Turkish Leight Notika and CMB.

Landmark projects

The company created the interior design for the Catwalk motor yacht that participated in the Düsseldorf Boat Show. The 40-metre yacht set a record as the longest vessel ever to be exhibited in the building.

The Hanse 630 has set a trend in the design of its segment with a minimalist loft style.

MaRo motor yacht is an example of a successful refit when changing owners after 20 years of use.


«In Schnaase only girls»- this phrase could be the motto of the studio, because all the positions of architects and designers in the company are held by women. As the workload increases, freelance specialists in industrial design and 3D animation are attracted to the work.