Builder Claasen Shipyards

Netherlands, Zaandam

Claasen Shipyards B. V.

Kalverringdijk 40, Zaandam, 1509 BT

Claasen Shipyards produces custom built luxury boats in the superyacht market which are presented here. The shipyard has no current production line models available.


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Company history

Claasen Shipyards is named after its founder Nico Claasen, who founded the company in 1985 on the banks of the Saan River near Amsterdam.

Klaassen's goal was to build yachts to the most unusual customer requests. In 2010 Claasen launched the 44-meter Lionheart, the first J-Class yacht with an aluminium hull. In 2011 Claasen launched a new monotype F-Class, combining the spirit and aesthetics of the class with the technology and dynamic performance of modern maxi cruising yachts. The 35m Firefly, built in 2011, has an aluminium hull, a mahogany superstructure and a minimalist interior cut «»for racing.


In 2016 Claasen was taken over by Vitters Shipyard. Both companies have retained their brands and still focus on the same specific market areas. However, decisions about project management, supply and marketing activities are made by a common management team.


The Claasen office and production base is located on the outskirts of Amsterdam in Zandam, in the heart of the Dutch yachting industry and close to Schiphol Airport. In addition to building superyachts, the shipyard offers refitting and refitting services for yachts up to 45 metres in length.

Model range

Claasen Shipyards offers the construction of premium customised sailing yachts in aluminium hulls up to 45 metres in length, including J-Class and F-Class yachts. The shipyard works with Hoek Design and Dykstra Naval Architects to solve design and architectural problems.


Claasen's approach to custom yacht construction is known for its flexibility and sensitivity to customers' tastes. The company can fulfill any customer request and build everything from classic cruisers to high-speed racing boats. This diversity and maximum flexibility is also due to the fact that Claasen does everything on its own production base, including working with aluminum. Many of the boats produced at the shipyard compete in prestigious international regattas around the world.

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