Gerhard Gilgenast


Designer description Gerhard Gilgenast

The history of the brand

Gerhard Gilgenast is an outstanding designer and naval architect of the last century. He has introduced many innovative ideas and had a significant impact on the yachting industry. It is thanks to him that we now see yachts as they are. In 1968 he published a book and has also received many awards.


Gerhardt wasn't afraid of experiments. Against the background of other designers, his projects often looked too daring, but they were ahead of their time, and today their style is relevant, and sometimes even futuristic.

Speciality .

The studio was engaged in creation of exteriors and naval architecture. At the client's request, the company could fully support the project before launching. Refit services were also provided. The team was engaged both in production boats and superyachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

The company has been working for a long time with the oldest Italian shipyard Picchiotti (now Perini Navi). The shipbuilder, in tribute to Gerhard, together with Zuccon International Project, designed the 45-meter Explorer. Work was carried out for Oceanco, Abeking & Rasmussen, Trinity Yachts, Riva, Lurssen, Heesen, CRN, Fr. Schweers Shipyard.

Landmark projects

Gerhard was versatile - he did not dwell on the same style, and he was equally good at classic boats and modern boats. Bright examples were the 50m Shandor with a 70s style exterior and the high-speed 44m Octopussy.


After Gerhard Gilgenast's death, the studio he founded could not recover from the loss. Unfortunately, the company's staff did not find a designer equal to the master, so it closed down rather soon.