It was a good start.

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We already wrote about Russian riders infantry in Finn class that started in Italy. Unfortunately, our sportsmen could not support successful starts of the first days.

The first day was good: there were two races, the experienced Eduard Skornyakov made a claim to the lead, coming in second (third and seventh arrivals). In the first race his success was supported by a not bad performance Egor Terpigoriev - the rising hope of our sails, who took fifth place. Unfortunately, in the second race of the first day Egor slipped down to 28th place.
From here on things went even worse. The second day turned out to be windless: after half an hour on the water, the yachts headed for harbor. Third day was also not very good, we managed to complete only one race, during the second one the flag of cancellation was hoisted. Skorniakov took 14th place and moved up to 4th position, the leader of the regatta was Spaniard Rafael Trujillo.
At the moment, the organizers managed to organize three more races (so far there are only six of them). Alas, our athletes were not very happy in them. The leaders of the Russian team Eduard Skornyakov and Egor Terpigoriev took places only in the second and third ten, dropping down to 12th and 25th places respectively.
And since the organizers have only one day left, our athletes have no chance to improve their position. None of our riders are participating in the medal race, which is a shame. Ioannis Mitakis from Greece is still in the lead.

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