This is San Francisco, a city full of risk.

Supercharged F50 catamarans fought in front of the bridge «Golden Gate»

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«The second leg of the new Sail GP series of winged catamaran races, set up by Oracle chief Larry Page as an alternative to the America's Cup, ended at USA».

The race took place from May 4 to 5 in San Francisco Bay. First, five national teams representing Australia, USA, Great Britain, Japan and China battled it out in five fleet races. Japan was the leader on the first day of competition, while the Australians - the unqualified winners of the previous stage of the series - dominated the second day. The fate of the stage was decided in a match race battle between Japan and Australia.

The F50 winged catamarans that the series races on are beasts of little knowledge. «They are a new class of boat designed specifically for SailGP to create a supercharged version of the AC50 catamarans used in the America's Cup» in recent years. Although experienced crews participate in the Sail GP, they have had little time to try out the new class. Therefore, they have to identify their boats' weaknesses in the field rather than in practice. San Francisco became a good school for the teams in this sense. What problems did they have to face? Scroll through the gallery.

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