Russia's Boris Smirnov organizes diving expedition to Bikini Atoll

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Russia's Boris Smirnov, who organizes yacht trips to the Caribbean islands as well as expeditions to Mexico and Central and South America, invites everyone to go on a diving expedition to Bikini Atoll in late April - early May 2016 aboard the ship Windward.

The expedition begins with a dive on the vessel «Prince Eugen» in Kwajalein, followed by a crossing to the desert atolls of Rongelap and Rongerik, arriving in Bikini, diving among the sunken nuclear fleet and returning to Kwajalein. The cost of the expedition is $8400, together with airfare, $13500.

Bikini Atoll is known as a U.S. nuclear test site. During the first post-war decade, the US detonated a total of 76 nuclear bombs there. The inhabitants of the atoll were relocated to nearby islands. Of the 7,000 people who lived on Bikini, 1,865 were considered affected by the nuclear tests, almost half of them died from various diseases.

Radiation levels on Bikini Atoll are now below normal. The ship graveyard on Bikini is the largest in the world. Only 80 people a year can visit this place.

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