Top 10 places for New Year's celebrations on a yacht

Top 10 places for New Year's celebrations on a yacht

Where are the coolest parties on the water, where to go for the post-New Year's retreat and where to go for the races?
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The last month before the New Year is especially pressed: businesses are tied up in a paper whirlpool of fiscal year closure, people try to close as many unfinished business as possible, pay off debts and fulfill promises. New Year's holidays are a welcome respite, zeroing, an opportunity to restore resources. We know of no better way to unload and clear our heads than to fill them with fresh sea breeze, and no better way to leave all problems in the past than to give up mooring and go to unknown and delightful shores. Here we've assembled ten points of the globe, perfect for a New Year's Escape.

St. Barthelemy's the coolest New Year's party ever.

Little St. Barts has no shortage of tourists - luxurious beaches, modern infrastructure, excellent cuisine and duty-free status attract thousands of guests all year round. But between Catholic Christmas and New Year's Eve the island literally explodes with colours, becoming a real attraction for celebrities and wealthy audiences from all over the world.

Clubs and hotels are crowded, the international airport hosts dozens of business jets a day, and shops and boutiques showcase the most expensive collections. Popular seaside establishments are booked by movie and show business stars for many months, each restaurant or club has a duty to offer a special program and program.the menu, and the most popular ones, Le Bagatelle, Shellona and Baz Bar (Gustavia), La Plage and Nikki Beach (Saint Jean) and Le Ti St Barth (Pointe-Miloux), organize truly exclusive shows. The colorful race around the island, held in the afternoon on New Year's Eve, is also a real parade of sailing ships.

Colorfully decorated Gustavia is transformed into a gathering place for the largest yachts on the planet on New Year's Day. Each one hosts extravagant parties and receptions, and the harbour becomes a theatrical venue for a fantastic game of light, where the on-board lighting of the ships and the festive illumination of the city compete. The parties culminate with a chime of chimes, when the port roars with sirens and the sky explodes with fireworks, and then continue until morning and beyond, moving to luxury villas and expensive restaurants.

After a turbulent New Year's Eve, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful water areas in the world, see the villas of celebrities, and even visit them - these days there are a lot of concerts and receptions, including open air. And afterwards, visit the elegantly blending Dutch and French culture on the island of St. Maarten and dive off the island of Tintamarre, one of the best diving destinations in the world.the world, and travel to the shores of Anguilla, a true culinary capital of the Caribbean region, famous for its seafood and distinctively British atmosphere. And the islands of Antigua and Barbuda offer luxurious white sand beaches, first-class dive sites with teeming reefs, as well as famous clubs and fine cuisine.

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Maldives - New Year in the middle of the ocean

Exotic Maldives is the best place for a New Year's party with family and friends. With a huge selection of atolls, a fertile climate, breathtaking scenery and a host of top-notch resorts and diving sites, the holidays can be extended by a week or more. It is the yacht that will help you see the most beautiful places in the archipelago, visit a luxurious New Year's party at W Maldives (Fesdu Atoll) or a gala dinner at Hard Rock (South Male') resort withthe symbolic burning of the old year, try a special programme at the Huvafen Fushi Spa (North Male') or see the festive extravaganza at Lily Beach (Ari Atoll). All kinds of entertainment programs, concerts, beach discos and gastronomic parties are held these days on almost every inhabited island in the Maldives.

Almost all resorts offer quite modern marinas, on holidays many of them provide their yachts, on board of which there are special events, and then you can take a mini-cruise with a tube or scuba diving. But boat owners usually prefer quiet transitions across several atolls, each of which has a lot of interesting offers and amazing places.

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Sydney is the most beautiful fireworks in the world...

On Christmas Day, Sydney's famous Rolex Sydney to Hobart starts with a New Year's Eve finish in Hobart, and participation in one of the most challenging offshore regattas in the world could be the best alternative to traditional family celebrations of the New Year.

But it's not just the racers who will have something to do in Sydney for the holidays. The New Year's Eve fireworks in Sydney just cannot be missed - this amazing fire show is rightly considered the most beautiful in the world. Thousands of man-made lights soar to the chimes of the city, spectacularly reflected in the harbour waters and vaults of the Sydney Opera House. The best views are from the harbourside Harbour Bridge, the waterfront or the yacht. Owners prefer to watch from the Sydney Superyacht Marina in Rockell Bay, from Campbell's Cove or from Bradley's Head, where more than one hundred boats gather on a festive night. From here it's literally within easy reach of the fashionable restaurants of Darling Street and Rocks, where all the festivities then move on.

The Sydney Tower Restaurant on the top floor of the TV Tower, the Opera Bar just behind the Opera House and Sydney's Quay and Cafe are also extremely popular for their panoramic views of the bay and its colorful fireworks. Sydney deservedly ranks first in the southern hemisphere in terms of the number of trendy restaurants and bars, so it's easy to find a place for New Year's Eve dinner here, just making advance bookings.

January 1st is an official holiday in Australia, so picnics, beach parties, sporting events and carnivals all day long are buzzing along the coast. After the holidays you can head to the picturesque Wedding Cake, dive at Medjick Point and Gap Cave, walk around the city's many nature reserves or cruise to Earley Bay and the famous Gold Coast resorts. And many yachtsmen will prefer to combine the bright New Year's Eve in Sydney with a visit to the famous Great Barrier Reef.

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Miami is the best urban extravaganza

Miami's a real American party capital. The local nightlife is a real kaleidoscope, especially on New Year's Eve! Americans celebrate Christmas quietly and at home, but after that they have a good time. With fireworks, concerts and a variety of shows on New Year's Eve, Florida's entire coast is in full bloom, so the best viewpoint is any of Miami Beach's countless modern marinas - Sunset Harbour (South Beach), Island Gardens Deep Harbour (Watson Island) and One Island Park (deep water). There's an open-air feast, then move to the city's many venues, attend the official City of Miami Event on Ninth Street and the City of Miami Event on Ninth Street. Ocean Drive, taste raspberry mojitos and favourites in Delano on South Beach, sit in the Basement Restaurant at Hotel Edition or simply stroll along the promenade, which is very colourful these days. At the end of a series of parties, you can relax in the Standard Hotel's spa with one of the biggest hammams in the United States, have a cleansing treatment in Mandarin Oriental or simply relax on the city's endless beaches that are not empty even in winter. And then head to any of Florida's many nature reserves or entertainment centers, which these days also offer all kinds of special packages.

Phuket - Asia's best beach parties

On New Year's Eve, Phuket turns into one giant disco with world-famous music bands, fireworks and barbecues literally on every beach. For a yachtsman, it is easy to combine the colossal range of New Year's Eve events with privacy and maximum mobility - the marina is large and the island is small. From today's Haven Phuket Marina it's easy to get to the many west coast hotels, each of which celebrate the New Year with their own shows - virtually the entire coast from Suriname to Kamala and Patong is turning into Asia's largest free party! You can anchor right in front of Amanpuri, which invites yachtsmen to join its beach discos, cooking extravaganza and fire show, only pre-registration is required. The nearby Twinpalms Phuket Resort with Oriental Spoon Restaurant offers a special menu with oysters, fried ribs, foie gras and caviar. And the secluded Banana Beach will allow you to spend a week after the bustling New Year's Eve by simply lying on the beach under the palm trees or visiting the modern Laguna Golf Phuket in Chengthala.

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The Bahamas is the best place for a quiet New Year's Eve.

The warm waters and lush reefs of the Bahamas attract millions of tourists even in winter. Here it's better to relax with family and friends, in the quiet and tranquil setting of a classic tropical resort. The relaxed Bahamian atmosphere is especially evident on New Year's Eve, with traditional pork roasts on the beach, masquerade parties and fireworks on all islands. Exuma's pristine shores are almost deserted even on New Year's Eve, Highbourne Cay Marina with its excellent Highbourne Cay Marina is literally isolated from the world, and Staniel Cay Yacht Club's deep water jetties provide excellent parking and a great opportunity to explore the local traditions. The island of Eluther is famous for its many fashionable resorts and clubs, each of which prepares a special program for the holiday. Nassau is worth visiting for its festive fireworks, many shows and especially the picturesque Crystal Cay Marine Park these days. And the highlight of the festivities will be the Junkanoo Street Parade in Nassau, which is quite a colourful and expressive show to bet on a Brazilian carnival.

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Cuba is New Year's salsa.

A visit to Cuba is one of the most original and relatively inexpensive ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve. Here you can see the brightest folk carnivals and original traditions, and on the scale of events Cubans are unlikely to yield to the Russians. Everybody knows about open doors, 11 chimes and 12 grapes to eat to the fight of the clock, as well as real waterfalls from the windows of local houses, symbolizing the passing year. Street processions and carnivals will replace television, the wizards Balthasar, Gaspar and Melchior - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, palm trees and araukaria.- a Christmas tree, rum and pineapple champagne and tangerines, and fried piglet and frost-and-cristianos o«lives and herring»under the fur coat.

The best hotels of Varadero and Holguin organize whole carnivals in honor of the Day of the Kings, as the Cubans themselves call the arrival of the New Year, and the sky over all major cities all night is shining with fireworks. Marina Cienfuegosa, Havana and Varadero are colourfully coloured by the lights, offering special holiday packages and a rum barbecue right by the pier. In addition, New Year coincides with the national holiday of the Triumph of the Revolution, so after a stormy night you can see a lot of cultural events. And the best way to end your New Year's Eve is on the magnificent beaches of Hardines del Rey or by diving into the coral gardens of Cayo Largo and Guanacabibes.

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Madeira is the largest pyrotechnic show in the world.

Madeira Island is known for its wine, natural beauty, friendly people and... Christmas fireworks. Even in the middle of winter it is warm and the water warms up to +18-19°C, so a yacht is the best way to see these beautiful islands. It is considered to be a festive December, filled with various religious events, but on New Year's Eve, or St. Silvestre's Night, literally the whole island walks! Each village is colourfully decorated and turned into a large concert hall, tables are taken out into the streets, there is a festive atmosphere everywhere and there are folk festivals, where the Portuguese are great masters. And the culmination is the famous Funchal fireworks, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest pyrotechnic show. Even large cruise ships are eager to celebrate in the harbours of Madeira's capital city - so colorful is the city on New Year's holidays, which also has a large carnival, considered the prototype of the famous procession in Rio de Janeiro.

After a bustling series of festivities ending on the 7th of January, you can sail along the island's picturesque coastline, taste local wines and seafood in countless seaside courgettes and visit one of Portugal's seven wonders, Porto Santo beach.

Canary Islands - Dolphin Festival

Lying almost at the equator, Kanary is Europe's warmest New Year's Eve yachting destination. And if Catholic Christmas passes here nicely and quietly, the arrival of New Year's Eve is celebrated noisily and with truly Iberian scope. Each island has its own special programme of events, but the main attraction is the grand New Year's Eve salute, best seen from a yacht on the coast of Santa Cruz de Tenerife or in Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. Even whales and dolphins are said to float up to the surface of the water to see this grand spectacle. And then you can celebrate in any of the many cafes and nightclubs renowned for premium seafood and wines. It is not uncommon for yachtsmen to celebrate right on the water, turning excellent local marinas into real discos, which attract people from all over the world.

And in the morning you can go on a cruise along the most beautiful shores of the archipelago, see the majestic volcanoes and quiet seaside villages, dive with whales or dolphins, catch fish in the middle of the ocean or just relax on the exotic local beaches - even in high winter you can find suitable places for swimming.

Grenada - Caribbean New Year's Eve

The small island of Grenada has preserved a lot of true Caribbean traditions, especially visible during the New Year period. Bright St George's parties are called «barefoot»for a reason - most bars and restaurants are practically on the beach, the sea is warm, all conventions are kept to a minimum and the atmosphere is truly carefree and festive. Rum and seafood, fireworks and swimming under the stars and fireworks - what could be more exotic on New Year's Eve?

Port Louis Marina is an excellent harbour with many modern bars and restaurants. Located right by the marina's piers, the Victory Bar and Restaurant holds a private New Year's Eve party with famous DJs and local artists. An exclusive New Year's Eve program with a sumptuous dinner is offered by the fashionable Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel in the popular Pikli Bay. But many will prefer live music and fireworks of the New Year's Eve All Inclusive Fete, which is performed outdoors and spectacularly decorated with festive fireworks. Then visit the colourful festivals of Carriacou Maroon and String Band, anchor off the famous Grand Nance Beach and dive the beautiful reefs of Grand Mall Point and Dragon Bay.

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