ISAF changed its name

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The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has changed its name. The governing body for sailing competitions is now called World Sailing - A Sport for Life («World Sailing - A Sport for Life»). The rebranding is intended to reflect the federation's desire for change for the better - more transparency, better communication, stronger governance and accountability. In particular, the organization intends to focus more on supporting juniors and delegate more authority to national sailing federations, class associations and continental federations.

«It seems natural for us to change our brand as the organization itself evolves. The new brand reflects all the positive expectations on which our previous brand was based while underlining our desire to move forward, to recognise the maturity, functionality and diversity of sailing," commented Malcolm Page, Marketing Director of World Sailing. - We have a rich history and tradition that we can be justly proud of. However, in some areas we are stuck in the past. Only by acting together, by acting without delay, by sharing one clear and powerful message, can we grow and remain relevant».

Earlier this week it was revealed that Peter Sawrey, the Federation's Director General, has resigned after only five months in office.

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