Sailing yacht «A» released from one week's detention in Gibraltar

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The sailing yacht «A» will finally leave Gibraltar for Spain, where the owner's project team will carry out final work on her.

The 142.81-metre motorsailer has been under arrest in Gibraltar since last Wednesday due to claims from Nobiskrug, the shipyard that built it, against her owner. Nobiskrug has sued the owner over unpaid contract money. The amount of the claims of the German shipyard was 15.3 million euros.

The yacht was released from custody after the parties managed to agree on financial security terms before the resolution of the lawsuit, which was referred to the Court of Arbitration in London.
«The unfortunate incident has been resolved," a representative of the customer told Boat International. - The yacht will be handed over to the owner's project team and will leave Gibraltar shortly».

Last night two security officers aboard the sailing yacht «A» on behalf of Maritime Court Marshal Liam Yeats left the superyacht and handed her over to the crew.

The total value of the sailing yacht «A» is rumoured to be €417 million.

The 1,4224-tonne steel megayacht is powered by a diesel-electric propulsion system. Her two diesel engines each have 4,800 hp and her two electric engines have 4,300 kWh of power.

Three giant 91-metre high carbon-fibre masts carry sails with a total area comparable to that of a football field. The sails unfold and retract at the touch of a button. Cruising speed is 18 knots with a maximum speed of 24 knots.

The eight decks of the mega-yacht «A» will be able to accommodate up to 20 guests. The yacht requires a crew of 54.» The motosailer has an interior volume of 12600 BRT, which is 4.6 times the volume of the second largest sailing yacht after «A - Project Solar.

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