What's eating Conor McGregor

As it turned out, envy of the Russian oligarch and his stunning megayacht

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Irish boxer Conor McGregor spent some of the £100m he earned from his fight with Floyd Mayweather to rent a 32m Leopard yacht in Ibiza. The fighter was happily relaxing on it with his family and friends until he saw Andrei Melnichenko's A sailing yacht at sea off Formentera. McGregor was so struck by the power of the huge 142.8-metre motor-sailer and its value that he went around the megayacht on a jet-ski and, sourcing a powerful TV, took a stack of photos. "It's an eye-opening level of wealth. It really motivates me. I'm starting to think I'm not rich at all yet. Just got fat," the boxer admitted . "I gotta keep eating. How's my lunch coming, ready?"

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