An American businessman has spent COVID-19 victims on a yacht

An American businessman has spent COVID-19 victims on a yacht

He was arrested.
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Casey Crowther is the 35-year-old owner of Target Roofing in Florida, a company that repairs and lays the roof. He received over $2 million from the government during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in April for a small business support program. The money was expected to go into employee salaries, rent and utility bills.

But Crawfer had other plans with that money. Having received the money, during April he began to transfer various amounts to private accounts. For example, a former shareholder of the company received $100 thousand, who broke off the connection with the company on December 31, 2019. Crowfer transferred more than $3000 to his wife. «The loan» of $126 thousand ended up in the current account of another Crowfer business.

Almost $690,000 has gone to the bank that represents Sara Bay Marine, a yacht dealer in Sarasota. The purpose of the payment was to pay for the 12-meter catamaran Invincible, which Crowefer later registered in his name and his address.

Finally, on May 7, the remaining approximately $1.2 million also moved to another business account.

In early September Crowfer was arrested, but soon released on bail of $100 thousand.Now, if the businessman can not prove in court that he was going to use the boat not for his own pleasure, but for the benefit of Target Roofing, he is waiting up to 30 years in federal prison for misuse of public funds.

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