Chinese to compete in Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15

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Chinese team Dongfeng announced that it will take part in the next Volvo Ocean Race, according to the regatta's website.

The Chinese have twice participated in the legendary round-the-world sailing race: in 2011-12 the Celestial Empire was represented by Sanya, in 2008-09 - by Green Dragon. However,» they could not boast of domestic «crews. More precisely, there were only two of them: on-board journalist Guo Chuan in the race 2008-09 on «Green Dragon» and Teng («Tiger») Jianghe in Team Sanya.

This time, Dongfeng officials claim, things will be different. At the final stage of the race most of the crew, as well as support teams, will be made up of Chinese.

Recall that VOR 2014-2015 will be the first in the forty-year history of the regatta on monotypes. Team SCA was the first to test their pink Volvo Ocean 65 boat.

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