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The renowned Italian team Luna Rosso launched their AC 45 Cup catamaran on January 16, and, significantly, in Auckland, New Zealand. A little late for that, you might say? Of course it's late. The first race of the America's Cup World Series, in which the Italians hope to participate, will take place in April. «Extremely little time to tune the boat and, as they say,».

However... The fact is that the race is to be held in Naples.
How can you miss a series on your home water!

So the Italian team will be biting their teeth on carbon fibre for the series. However, they did not bring the catamaran to Auckland for nothing. Luna Rosso is a team with a good history but without any experience of racing on AC 45. Therefore, the Italians will be trained from scratch by Emirates Team New Zealand

. 10 first days of training the Italians are going to tune up alone, and then throughout February will conduct synchronous sparring with New Zealanders at least four hours a day! Such a training load, it is believed in the team, will help her to quickly tune in the right way.

Interestingly enough, the Italians' faith in the power of joint training with the New Zealanders is so high that the AC 72 catamaran under construction in Italy will also be sent to New Zealand for final assembly and adjustment...

Photo ©2012 ACEA/Hanna Davis

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