No one wants it: Equanimity price to be almost halved after failed auction

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The auction for the 91.5m superyacht OceancoEquanimity is nowhere to be seen.

Initially the Malaysian authorities wanted to gain $250 million for the yacht, but now that those wishing to buy the yacht for its appraised value were not found, they will try to sell Equanimity at least for $130 million, informs Bloomberg agency.

The ship belonged to a Malaysian financier Jho Low. The businessman is suspected of stealing $4.5 billion from the national fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and money laundering through the purchase of luxury goods in various countries, including the United States. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak were also involved in the scandal. Closed bidding for Equanimity, which is also believed to have been bought with stolen money, began on October 29 and lasteduntil November28.

Malaysian authorities hope to be able to get rid of Equanimity by the end of March 2019.

By the end of the auction, the country's taxpayers had already had to give $835,000 to maintain the boat, and according to Bloomberg, that amount will increase by another $718,000 each month.

Equanimity is registered inthe Cayman Islands. She was first presented at the Monaco Boat Showin 2014 and became the largest yacht of the show the same year.

She is the world's first privately owned superyacht designed to meet the requirements for Passenger Yacht Code commercial vessels. The PYC standard allows for a maximum of 36 passengers at a time. The interiors, designed by Andrew Winch, highlight the Asian roots of her owner. Bamboo and gold leaf are among the materials used.

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