Inside «stolen» Equanimity

A virtual tour aboard the scandalous superyacht

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Oceanco Equanimity is a luxury 91.5m yacht, a blue dream even for many of those who consider themselves very wealthy. «She was lucky» to be dragged into the high-profile case of Malaysian financier Jho Low's theft of $4.5bn from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) national fund. Najib Razak, the formerMalaysian prime minister, was also implicated in the scandal. Naturally, the early sale of the fabulously expensive boat bought with stolen money was needed by the incumbent authorities like air, as the promise to make up for the funds illegally withdrawn from 1MDB to purchase, among others, Equanimity, was a leitmotif of the election campaign of Mahathir Mohamad , Razak's successor as prime minister.

However, in November 2018, the superyacht never managed to find a new owner at auction - no one made a decent bid. And since the sale of the boat is based on a court decision, it has the right to veto offers from buyers if they do not meet the estimated value - $250 million (that's how much Joe Law himself reportedly bought Equanimity for). The court did not bend the line and agreed to reduce the price - down to $ 130 million for this amount of the boat can be bought in the free sale through the broker Burgess.

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