Fedor Konyukhov spent 3 months in the ocean on a rowboat

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Fyodor Konyukhov, who is making a solo voyage on a paddle boat «Turgoyak», reported that he has been in the ocean for exactly three months. According to the famous navigator, the time since leaving the Chilean city of Con ( Valparaiso region) seemed like an eternity to him.

« I can't imagine there is another life somewhere»," Konyukhov said via satellite communication.

In addition to general impressions of the Pacific Ocean, on the official website of the traveler you can find regrets that people «on the shore» try to present the voyage as a reality show and add to their stories «fried facts», which in fact do not exist. In particular, according to the seafarer, the mass media have publicized the story with the shark allegedly chasing the boat «Turgoyak»: «The shark does not bother me in any way, this is its habitat, I am a guest of it».

The increased media attention, as well as the desire for solitude makes Konyukhov lament that if it were not for his family and friends, he would have turned off his phone and lost himself to everyone in the ocean.

Recall that in December 2013, Fedor Konyukhov set off on a months-long ocean rowing marathon «On the paddle boat "Turgoyak" across the Pacific Ocean». The voyage started in Chile and is to end in Australia. The total length of the voyage is around 19,000km. Click here to get acquainted with the route. For more details, visit

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