A New Zealander has a plan to swim across the lake on a pumpkin

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The example of the British artist, who sailed across the Solent Strait on a giant pumpkin, was contagious: the resident of New Zealand said that he would set off on a similar voyage.

Tim Harris spent months growing a 550-kilogram pumpkin to cross the lake near the town of Hamilton and is ready to test the buoyancy of his vegetable. The swim is due to take place March 30, as part of the agricultural fair.

The vegetable grower is anticipating the event and is confident that his act will motivate locals to take part in the pumpkin demonstration. In addition, he is confident that the town could use «pumpkin regatta». The family supports the sailor, although they think he's a little crazy.

«The kids are just excited about the upcoming sailing. So am I»," says Harris' wife.

It is worth noting that Dmitry Galitsyn, the British sail or who inspired the New Zealander, used a pumpkin with an external motor for propulsion, while the follower of the sailing artist plans to do with oars.

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