Wooden surfboard to be sold for $1.3 million

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The most expensive surfboard sold for $1.3 million, which is how much New Zealander Roy Stewart, who creates impressive hand-made surfboards, is asking for his creation.

The high price is explained by the high-quality material, from which the board was made, which is paulownia wood, as well as the presence of a lion figurine on the bottom. The figure is engraved in gold (23 carats) and covered with a transparent layer of epoxy resin.

In addition, according to the author of the product, the watercraft glides perfectly on water.

The length of the board is 3.2 meters and its thickness is 6 centimeters. You can buy the device for recreation on the website of the manufacturer (however, «board» for the price of a yacht is not a solution for everyone).

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