Ours took out everyone and everywhere.

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The other day the first part of 28th Primo Cup-Trophée Credit Suisse - the competition that in fact opens the beginning of the season for a number of popular classes - came to an end.» As usual, not for the first year this Cup has become a showplace for «draconians - including Russian ones. This year's draw was no exception, although there are considerably fewer Russian participants: only four crews came to Monaco to fight instead of 8-9 as usually. Against a background of only 13 crews ours clearly dominated, but they took by no means only by numbers.

This year weather turned out to be severe - Siberian cold got to Europe where they were helped by the fifth weather column - traditional anticyclone from Azores. The wind gusts reached 30 knots - not often the Dragons race in such conditions. «(As I remember in 2007 during the Russian Championship in Zelenogorsk in 20 knots a new Association of Dragon Class owners appeared out of nowhere» and was indignant at the cruelty of the judges who did not wanted to cancel the start in such inhuman conditions. Since then the skill of our dragon-owners has considerably grown, and many yachts have two yachts: one in Russia, the second in Europe).

So, on the background of this stormy weather our crews in six races tore everybody to Monegasque (forgive me this difficult word) flag. After the first three races RUS has already firmly taken the top three positions in the standings. The leader, of course, was Anatoly Loginov's Annapurna, the current leader of the rating in the Dragon class. Second day of regatta didn't change the ranking, but on the last day - the windiest one - all races were won by one gate by Dmitry Samokhin's Strange Little Girl, beating by one point the titled compatriot. So our dragonriders once again turned an old European regatta with rich traditions into a place for their showdown.

Approximately the same happened at regatta I PAN Laser SB3 2012 in Portugal, which our Class Association used as a place for training camp and warm-up - to show themselves and the cou rage to show people at the same time. Though this regatta is local, but, as they say Anna BasalkinaTraditionally strong winds in Cascais require crews to be well trained. And here Russians have decided to sprinkle some pepper and to practice, so to say, on cats, i.e. on the Portuguese.

The result was that the crew... Oleg Zherebtsov с by Rodion Luca at the helm was driving by the principle: «you will score for us as much as you can, and we for you as much as we want». Not a single defeat - only the first arrivals - and the guys leave with a feeling of deep satisfaction. Anna Basalkina's crew did not let them down either - although the fourth place was not a prize, it meant a lot. The preparations for the winter world championships in Laser SB 3 were a success!

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