A Norwegian will repeat Heyerdahl's journey

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Norwegian journalist Thorgeir Higraff decided to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Thor Heyerdahl. The Norwegian is preparing to sail on a balsa raft «Rahiti» (Rahiti).

The adventurer has created a crowdfunding page to raise funds for his journey from South America to Polynesia. The campaign will run until December 5, and donations are accepted in any amount.

However, the person who sends all the required amount ($100 thousand) will be able to get a bonus - a place on the team.

To get on board «Raiti» without major investments is also realistic: At the moment, Higruff is looking for a doctor from Russia.

«Many good doctors are educated exactly in Russia. In addition, I am sure they would be happy to participate in the journey. We need someone who can solve immediate problems, but who also loves the sea. I think we need a therapist», - quoted by «Russian Planet». (It is worth noting that the team of Thor Heyerdahl in the travels on the boats «Ra» and «Ra-II» also had a Russian doctor - Yuri Senkevich).

If funds are raised and a crew is found, Higruff plans to set sail in October 2015 and complete the voyage after 45 days (it took Heyerdahl, recall, 101 days to cover the same route). After the journey is planned to remove the documentary film.

The author of the idea has tried to repeat the exploits of a compatriot and earlier. So, in 2006 he sailed from Peru to Easter Island on a raft «Tangaroa», collecting data on ocean changes over the past 60 years.

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