First Chechen

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SB20 fleet on the waters of the mountain lake Kezenoi-Am. Here, at an altitude of 1870 metres above sea level, the first regatta in the history of the Chechen Republic - the 2017 Kezenoi-Am Cup - will start . The Cup participants are divided into two groups: one includes crews who have submitted a team application for participation, the second - formed from individual participants with an experienced skipper-mentor on board. As of today, teams with participants from Russia, Croatia, Montenegro, Germany, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and even New Zealand are registered. The Profi group is represented by such famous yachtsmen as Georgy Shaiduko, Yuri Shuvalov, Kirill Frolov, Leonid Klepikov, Goran Ivankovich, Maxim Nemchenko, Valentin Uvarkin, Alexander Bozhko.

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