«Akhmat» - champion

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The champions of the National Sailing League in the highest division, the final of which was held from August 9 to 11 in the waters of Lake Superior in St. Petersburg.Kaliningrad, became the team of the Chechen Republic «Akhmat» Alexander Bozhko. Second place went to Calipso(Tuapse), Maxim Taranov, and bronze went to Anna Basalkina of St. Petersburg Yacht Club Sailing Academy. Fourth place according to the season results went to Moscow ZID Art Sailing Team of Zoran Paunovic. Next year these four teams are going to defend the honour of Russia in the semi-final of European Champions League.

During three very different days in terms of weather conditions the judges held 39 races for 20 strongest teams of Russia - 13 races for each crew. This stage turned out to be the most eventful of the season.

The winners of the Grand Final were Muscovite Rocknrolla Sailing Team (helmsman Andrey Novikov). However, at the end of the season the team was only fifth. Silver, as in the series as a whole, went to Calipso. Valeria Kovalenko's ArtTube RUS1 crew from Moscow finished third in Kaliningrad on the podium .

«Akhmat» on the last stage of the competition was only fourth, and team Academy of Sailing of Yacht Club of St. Petersburg was fifth.

Recall that the first two stages took place atthe Black Sea - in Sochi and .Tuapse. Then the Champions League participants were welcomed to the hospitable capital of Tatarstan.Kazan. For the fourth round the series returned toNizhny Novgorod after a two-year break. And the fifth stage was held in .Saint Petersburg.

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