Hope dies last.

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Bob Smith's homemade 13.5m Pantera sailing catamaran has been out of contact for three months. The boat has been the man's home inMexico for the past 10 years, and he's never been missing for long before.

His family was able to find out that the catamaran was last seen on October 19 in the Seaof Cortez. There was nothing wrong with him. On December 17, the captain's daughter, Natalie, via the online resource, appealed to boaters to help find her father and let them know if they knew anything about him.

Two days later this image of the Pantera wreckage near the Mexican town of Santa Rosalia was published on the same resource . Estimates as to how long the pieces of the catamaran had been lying on the rocks varied, one report said they had been washed ashore for a couple of weeks, others for a month.

An unidentified body in a wetsuit was found a few miles from the wreckage. While a DNA test is pending, Natalie Smith is still hoping it's not her father and continues to ask anyone who can help find Bob to share information about his whereabouts with her.

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